Bone broth: The age old, super-nourishing food you need to be consuming!

The concept of bone broth may have just appeared on your radar in the very recent past… but, chances are your Grandparents have been familiar with their whole life! When it comes to nourishing foods, our Grandparents knew what was up!

Join us as we host Chiropractic Doctor and Co-founder of Boned Broth, Dr. Christian Brix for an informative and inspiring seminar on the benefits of perhaps one of the most nutrient dense and important super foods, that humans have been consuming for centuries! Learn why YOU should be consuming this delicious, satiating, collagen-rich superfood on the regular!


About Dr. Christian Brix:


Christian Brix is the owner and practicing Chiropractor of Brix Wellness Centre, in Kelowna, B.C and is a co-owner of the fantastic pre-made bone broth company, Boned Broth.  He is passionate about helping people reach optimal wellness, both in and out of a clinic setting. Dr. Christian’s mission is to educate people on tools that can be implemented to easily and effectively achieve optimum function and health!

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