Yesterday, Grandma Maria received an email about bone broth and we are excited to share this testimony.


Hi Maria,

I have seen your products at probably at CHFA show or somewhere, great packaging.

I will definitely look around the local store and if I ever spot them, will let you know.
(I often shop at Choices and Whole Foods Market on Cambie St. in Vancouver).

I started eating bone broth when I got environmental allergies after giving birth of my 2nd child. I was almost vegetarian (always ate seafood but stop eating after Fukushima for a while) while I was pregnant with my 2nd child, worked too long hrs and didn’t look after my body and developed the allergies, my body was completely depleted, then my ND suggested me to start eating bone broth (GAPS diet) which I
almost passed out when she said that since I simply couldn’t do meat at all back then but then my allergy was so awful and thought I would

I started making chicken bone broth and was eating for a while and I got my stamina back quickly. I could think better and after 2yrs, I am much better and overcame the allergies. Bone broth works! (but I still can’t do beef or pork yet).

Good luck with your business.quote-Icon
All the best;
Yasuko B.

Bone broth continues to successfully heal and fuel a person’s body.

We are proud to be in the bone broth business.

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