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Top quality product. Saves me so much time from making it myself. I drink and cook with Boned Broth regularly and when my dog just got an intestinal infection I thought I’d give it a try with him instead of antibiotics. Sure enough 3 days later of Boned Broth 1 cup, 3 times a day with food(which he wasn’t eating at all before) and he’s right back to healthy. So glad it’s readily available now.
Dallas Jade Desnoyers

My bone broth story is a little weird, since I have been a vegetarian/vegan for almost 30 years. My Naturopath recommended that I start eating meat again since I am Blood O type (meat eater, not ideal vegetarian). Due to my ethical views, eating red meat is out of the question. I asked him if bone broth ‘counted’ – and he said yes! So…. I started with Boned Beef broth and didn’t mind the taste (and appreciate the ethical sourcing of what you do). I have tried a few others since you have been down, and truly had a hard time with them. So glad you are back!

Please understand that I am a strict vegetarian and do not eat any fish, poultry, or red meat. I also do not consume any dairy products in any form due to a sensitivity to dairy. I will consume eggs if they are in something like a muffin or cake. I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and plan to continue to be a strict vegetarian for the rest of my life 🙂 Bone broth has not changed me from being a vegetarian, rather it is allowing me an option that I can morally ‘swallow’ to help restore health (due to being Blood O type and needing some non-plant based nutrition).
So my story and message really is that I needed some extra nourishment and minerals that I was not getting in my diet to assist in restoring my health. While I don’t ‘enjoy’ drinking it, I don’t mind the taste. I will continue to use bone broth on a regular basis and will probably do so on and off for the rest of my life.
Heather Schofield

I have been drinking Boned Broth on average for about 5 months and thought it was about time I commented on my experience.
I had been suffering from fairly bad leg cramps at night severe enough to wake me, had been taking vitamins, especially magnesium, which people had recommended to me but found it didn’t really help. My fingernails were becoming fragile and tore easily. I had also lost my right 2nd fingernail in an accident in 2013 to the point where 85% of the nail bed was exposed. I had been clipping the nail to keep it from catching on clothing and ripping the small remaining nail even more which was very painful. I had also began to hide my right hand, tucking it out of sight whenever I was out in company.
I started drinking a carton of Boned Broth 3 times a week about 5 months ago because I really liked the taste. What I found amazed me. My nails grew stronger and no longer ripped. The nailbed on my right hand began growing back after nearly 2 years and started to knit together and although the nail is still split, at least I do have a full nail! My night leg cramps have almost gone…I really can’t remember the last time I lost sleep and to be free of pain is wonderful. This has been a game changer for me
Thanks for a terrific product

Linda Stiletto Ki

I am writing to tell you how much I love your bone broth. I have been on vacation in the U.S., trying all brands and flavours of bone broth I could find. (Mainly because I failed to fill my cooler up with your broth!) I have to tell you, not ONE brand I tried even came close to yours. (I tried over 30 between 10 brands) Anyway, thank you for your delicious broth!!! Will you be selling your t-shirts or tank tops anytime soon?
Wendy McDougall

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