We have all heard of juicing, spinning, and even twerking, but the newest craze is actually a take on a 2 million-year-old practice, and it’s called “brothing!”

The idea is that by simmering free range chicken or grass fed beef bones for a very long time, and combining that delicious elixir with a secret collection of 14 other vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients, you can create a hot drink that is seriously amazing, and shockingly healthy.  That’s right… it’s not soup… IT’S A DRINK!

The Boned Brothista’s (trained by the ninja chef “Grandma Maria”) have created a functional hot cup that boasts 24 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, no sugar, and a giant shipment of the ever-valuable gelatin. That gelatin, which is the by-product of the breakdown of collagen, is what makes Boned Broth company’s broth so fantastic.

The benefits of this gelatin are almost countless, but the highlights include: anti-inflammatory properties, increased joint, muscle, and ligament healing, increased metabolism, digestive healing and repair, decreased food allergies and sensitivities, and even reduced wrinkles in the skin! You won’t find that protein and gelatin content in any other product on the market today, and you won’t find anything that tastes quite this good.

So, you can certainly use it in some of our fantastic recipes, and you can add it to your other soups or shakes, but the real beauty of the Boned broths is that you can pour a warm glass in the morning and enjoy the comfort and health that comes in every cup.

“Fuel your life and heal your body!”

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