Have you ever wondered where our amazing recipes come from??


It’s our very own Grandma Maria!

Maria grew up in Slovakia and was one of 9 siblings.  Maria remembers watching and learning from her mom as she tried to keep 11 people fed and happy!  She learned how to cook and bake from scratch and how to make the most of the ingredients they had access to.  One of the staples was always soup because it was easy, not too expensive, and everyone “knew” it was the best way for them to stay healthy.  Maria followed in her mother’s footsteps and learned all her tricks and recipes… including the recipes that we all get to enjoy to this day with Boned Broths.

When Maria brought the idea of taking her recipes to market and hopping on the broth movement to her future partner Christian, and after he tried them in a very “wine-style” tasting, Boned, A Broth Company was born.  Boned was the very first company in Canada to bring bone broth to the grocery market, and they haven’t looked back since! Maria’s recipes have been the key to the success of Boned because taste and nutritional value are what have put these broths at the front of the pack.  Four years later, Boned is nationwide, expanding, and helping people every day!

Maria is passionate about her family, cooking, ballroom dancing and baking.  She has been a volunteer for 22 years with the Vincent de Paul Society and volunteers with invincible housing.  Maria has always had the drive to help the less fortunate and maintains a very special place in her heart for people in need.  She gives her time selflessly and smiles the whole time when doing it!

Maria’s favourite quote is:


“Life is not about being rich, being popular,

being highly educated, about being perfect. 

Life is about being real, kind, humble, and

treating others the way you want to be treated.”


If you Love our broths, it is because of Maria, her family and her passion for helping people.  We love you, Grandma Maria!!

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