Innovative vegetable dishes, sweet heat combos and bone broth will be big consumer hits.

Trend watchers, chefs and foodies alike stand united on vegetables — once lowly or overlooked as a side, they’re being elevated to a starring role.

Christine Couvelier says 2015 has been an amazing year for vegetables and the root-to-leaf movement will continue in 2016 with more creative preparations, from grilling and smoking to roasting and charring.

“We thought seeing whole roasted cauliflowers was a wow on some menus, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” says the Victoria-based Couvelier, whose Culinary Concierge company helps clients around North America keep ahead of market trends.

“I think it’s a continuation on understanding fresh and local and being very innovative and creative in the kitchen,” she says.

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— New Yorkers have been lining up to buy paper cups of flavourful bone broth from chef Marco Canora, who opened a takeout window at his restaurant Hearth. Because the bones are roasted and cooked longer than with stock, they release protein, minerals and nutrients. “You can put them in soups or stews. You can just drink them. Chefs are putting them on their menus and they can add things to them like coconut milk or beet juice or ginger juice. And just a couple of months ago, bone broth started showing up in the stock section of grocery stores,” Couvelier says.


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