Here are our frequently asked questions. Do you have any more questions you'd like to ask us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Where do your ingredients come from?

Whenever possible we source all of our organic ingredients locally right here in BC.  It is rare that we have to go elsewhere, but when we do, we source only the highest quality organically certified products.

Why do you use vinegar?

Organic apple cider vinegar is the key ingredient used in pulling all the nutrients and minerals out of the bones. Without it, it would be impossible to extract all the protein and minerals that make Boned broth so fantastic.  The vinegar does not change the flavour profile, but it certainly makes it much healthier than standard white vinegar.

Who is your chef?

“Grandma Maria” Levko is our amazing chef. Her secret Slovakian recipe has been passed down through generations and can finally be shared with the world!

What are you getting in the broth?

Boned broths contain a great deal of pure and natural nutrients including collagen protein, amino acids, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and other minerals. These nutrients don’t come from processing, but rather they are extracted in their natural forms and then flash frozen to maintain their purity. 

Is it gluten free?

Technically our Broths are gluten free, preservative free, hormone free, and antibiotic free.  We are however, not “certified” gluten free because our broths are produced in a facility that handles wheat.  If someone is severely allergic to gluten, we recommend they avoid our products to be 100% safe.

What does paleo mean?

The philosophy behind eating paleo is based on the idea that our bodies are “meant” to be fuelled in the same way our most primal ancestors ate. Their diets involved eating only plant life that grew naturally in their environment and animal proteins that resulted from hunting or scavenging. 

What does Keto mean?

Very briefly, Keto is a way of eating that involves having a very high percentage of you daily calories coming from healthier fats (up to 80%), and the majority of the rest of your calories from protein.  Eating keto means eating very little to no carbohydrates in an effort to convert your body fat into ketones which your body can use for fuel instead of the carbohydrates it would normally use.  Boned broths would be considered a food that can be a part of the Keto diet.

How is it prepared at home?

Ideally Boned broths are prepared on the stove.  Cut the top of the pouch along the perforated line, and put the frozen broth into a pot.  Bring the broth to a comfortable drinking temperature, pour it in your favourite coffee mug, and enjoy! While the jury is still out on microwaving, it is certainly the fastest and easiest way to warm the delicious elixir. 

The broth will keep up to 3 days in the fridge, so keep one ready to go at all times!

The BEST way to use the broth (and avoid the scissors) is to let it thaw for a day in the fridge and simply pour it out from our convenient pouring spout!

How much is one serving?

Many broth lovers will drink the entire 460 ml container as one serving, and they are certainly getting the full benefits. Some feel the broth is so rich and hearty that it is best diluted and spread over two servings. It’s totally up to you! For our 21 days kick start program (below), we recommend about 230 mL per day.

What about using broth for cooking?

Go to bonedbroth.com and check out our social media for some amazing recipes and some fantastic ideas on getting the most out of our delicious broths.  Using broth in place of water in most soups, sauces and even when making rice or quinoa is a fantastic way to get the nutrition of bone broth into any meal.  We even have a bourbon based drink called the “Bull Shot!”

How often should I drink it?

Boned Broth is meant to be consumed daily.  Most of our customers start their brothing endeavour with a 21 day “kick start” program.  This program (on our website) has people replacing one of their meals each day with a hearty broth.  It can take up 3 weeks to really start seeing the amazing benefits of brothing, so make sure you stick with it! After that, we recommend one cup every other day to allow the repair and benefits to continue.

How can this help with my workouts?

Protein supplementation is very important post work-out.  For proper repair and growth of lean muscle tissue, the body requires a great deal of protein and the amino acids that make it up.  That process starts as soon as your work-out ends. Natural amino acids and protein, delivered in liquid (non-processed) form, is the best way to make sure muscles repair and grow as efficiently as possible.  All three of our broths are PACKED with the protein and amino acids your muscles are looking for! 

When is the best time to drink bone broth?

There isn’t a better way to start your day than with a filling cup of warm broth.  But the truth is….any time of day can work!! 

What are the potential health benefits?

Collagen fibers are literally the building blocks of your body.  Collagen makes up your bones, your muscles, your joint surfaces, your vessels, and even your skin.  As we age, collagen breaks down.  That breakdown leads to everything from heart disease and osteoarthritis to wrinkles in the skin and stiff muscles.  Research has shown that supplementation with collagen can have countless health benefits to slow this process and in some cases, reverse the effects.  The collagen protein and amino acids it is comprised of have been shown to help with:


  • Inflammation
  • Injuries to soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons)
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • Digestive disorders (like leaky gut)
  • Wrinkles
  • Bone density
Are the health benefits different between your broths?

Most customers choose their broths based on a taste preference.  Of course all the broths are fantastic, but each has its own unique characteristic.

Beef is our most bold and flavourful broth.  It certainly has a bit of a spicy kick, and it delivers a great deal of pure collagen and amino acids.

Chicken is a very familiar flavour, and what many people don’t know is that there is real science behind the immune boosting effects of chicken broth specifically.  Everyone’s grandma seemed to have it figured out… chicken soup can cure the common cold and make you healthier!  Well the research agrees.  Chicken broth contains many factors that have been shown in research to have “significant medical benefits including significant mitigation of infection.”  One example is the presence of the amino acid Cysteine.  Found in much higher qualities in chicken broth, cysteine has been shown in the research to thin mucus. That is one of the ways it can help with the common cold because it can get the mucus moving which reduces recovery time.

Are you certified organic?

Boned broths are 100% Ecocert Canada certified.


For more questions about BONED Broth, contact us.

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