By now you must have heard that in just one serving of the infamous BONED broth company broth, you will find a whopping 57 grams of protein. When most people hear that, they are truly amazed because most other broths have either no protein or only up to 9 grams in the same amount. If you want to know how our protein content can be so high, you will have to break into Grandma Maria’s safety deposit box, because that is where the secret is kept!

Most of us know protein is good for us, and we know that there are lots of great benefits of increasing the amount of protein in our diets. You may be surprised when you read just how great protein really is.

What’s so great about protein??

  • It helps with weight loss – Not only will protein make you feel fuller after a meal (allowing you to eat less and feel full sooner), it also requires the most energy to digest….that means it uses twice the calories to digest as carbohydrates and fat. Also, having higher protein in your diet promotes fat loss by preserving your lean muscle mass and keeping an amount of calories you burn at rest as high as possible.
  •  Building muscle – Protein (broken down into amino acids) is the building material for muscle. Building lean muscle with exercise and protein supplementation, will help with weight loss and metabolism. When trying to grow muscle tissue in the body, weight lifting and protein supplementation have been shown to be effective separately, but when done in conjunction, yield significantly better results
  • Better Sleep – Because of the optimization of chemical balance in the brain, higher protein (versus higher carbohydrate) diets have been shown to contribute to a more restful and relaxed state for sleep.
  • Better recovery – Increased protein consumption has been shown to help with muscle recovery and growth after a workout and after an injury. Other soft tissues including ligaments, tendons, and fascia recover faster with higher protein intake as well.
  • Lower blood pressure – In a recent study, hypertensive subjects were compared with and without a higher protein diets. The patients with the higher protein diet showed a greater decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Brain function – Protein is an important fuel for brain function. The chemical messengers in your brain, built from proteins, are involved in hunger, energy production, alertness, motivation and cognition.
So why is it so great to get 57 grams of protein in every serving?  Because it will help us get lean muscle, lose weight, heal faster, sleep better and function better overall! Don’t just take my word for it… sign-up to be a part of our next batch of BONED broth, and see for yourself!

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