BONED 21-Day Kick-Start Program


Introducing the Boned 21-Day Kick-Start Program! The benefits of the amino acids along with collagen found in Boned Broth have been well documented and researched.  With significant levels of glutamine and glycine, among others, bone broth can be taken as real food to support gut healing, lower inflammation, and support a balance of gut bacteria. When the gut is working optimally, so can the rest of our body. Just like a house needs a strong foundation, a healthy foundational digestive tract is pivotal in preventing chronic disease, maintaining a healthy metabolism, and supporting proper detoxification.

Unless you live in a bubble with a private chef, most of us can’t eat perfectly all the time, avoid stress, and keep all toxins out of our system. When starting a new healthy regimen, we always look to heal the gut first. Our team has created this program in an effort to get the process of sealing and healing the gut started properly and effectively.  It is important to know that there really are two aspects to healing your gut:

  1. Promote ways to heal the gut
  2. Prevent continuous damage to the gut

The first one is the easier one because there are a lot of straightforward tactics that you can do to heal the gut. Of course one of the best things to incorporate is an organic, collagen- and amino acid-rich bone broth. Our 21-day Boned 21-Day Kick-Start Program is all about introducing Boned Broth and its benefits to your digestive system every single day while allowing time for your gut to heal.  The program involves a fasting schedule following the 5:2 approach.

The Quick Details:
    1. On five days of the week, consume 1 cup of Boned Broth along with clean, healthy meals.
    2. On two days of the week, consume 2 cups of Boned Broth but reduce your caloric intake to roughly 25% of your normal needs. For women, this equates to roughly 500 calories, and for men, 600 calories.
    3. The two calorie-restricted days should have at least one “normal” day of eating in between them.
    4. Break up the timing of your fasting-day meals/calories however you think will work the best for you.

It is important not to forget the second part of healing your gut. This part can be a bit more challenging, and requires a bit more effort on your part! To prevent continually damaging your digestive tract, it’s a great practice to check-in with yourself to see how you feel. Foods can trigger inflammation in your gut, which can ultimately lead to dysbiosis (poor ratio of good to bad bacteria), leaky gut, and systemic symptoms. Are you getting any bloating, nausea, bowel movement changes, skin rashes, headaches, or mucus production? What about irritability, anxiety, low mood, brain fog, or joint pain? Foods triggering inflammation can contribute to any or all of the above and can take up to 72 hours to create these reactions. Foods that trigger inflammation are the first that must be removed from your diet during the Boned Broth 21-Day Kick-Start Program. If you don’t know, or can’t get your levels tested through your health care provider, start with the basics. The most common foods to trigger inflammation in us include gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, GMO soy, foods in the nightshade family, alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. Removing many of these will help limit damage to your gut and allow the healing process to become more permanent. For more individualized support, we recommend discussing this with a licensed naturopathic physician, or a registered holistic nutritionist.

What is Fasting?

BONED 21-Day Kick-Start Program fasting

Fasting is defined as abstinence from all food and drinks except water for a specific period of time, usually for a therapeutic or religious purpose (1). This process spares essential tissue, such as our vital organs, while utilizing non-essential tissue (e.g. adipose tissue, digestive enzymes, muscle contractile fibers, and glycolytic enzymes) for fuel.

During fasting, when excessive amounts of fatty acids are being oxidized and inadequate glucose is available, large quantities of ketones are secreted into the bloodstream. Ketone bodies are made in the liver from acetyl CoA. Since the ketone bodies are acids, their entry into the bloodstream results in mild metabolic acidosis, and the body’s adaptations may result in electrolyte imbalance. This is the reason why proper electrolyte supplementation is necessary during fasting periods.

Research into fasting has been reported since 1880. Since then, medical journals have published articles on the use of fasting in the support of:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Obesity
Tips While on Low-Calorie Days
  1. Drink two litres of pure water daily
  2. Refrain from intense exercise. Short walks and light stretching are recommended.
  3. Keep a positive mental outlook!
  4. Maintain healthy electrolytes by drinking 2 cups of Boned Broth daily

Despite the many possible health benefits, 5 and 2 fasting may not be right for everyone. Always seek the recommendation by your health care provider before starting, especially if you have diabetes or low blood sugar, are on any medications or herbal supplements, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are underweight, or have any other underlying health conditions

Fasting Guidelines

The ideal time to begin a fast is really very individual. We decided to coordinate our low-calorie days with days of the week that are busier (Mondays and Wednesdays), so we stay more distracted. These are also the days of the week that when we can spend our evenings in a more relaxed state rather than engaging in exercise. The more rest, the better the results, as energy can be directed towards healing, instead of other body functions.

Other Tips Include:
  1. Prepare for your low-calorie days the day before and make your last meal one of only fresh fruits and vegetables, In addition, finish all last-minute errands so that you can establish an environment as free of stress and responsibility as possible.
  2. Drink your coffee or tea without added calories like cream to keep to your 500 or 600 calories
  3. Stay distracted by reading a book (maybe even a book on fasting!), listening to music, watching a movie, taking a leisurely walk, or driving to a pleasant destination
  4. You may find you require less sleep at night since your daily activity has decreased. Napping in the day is also something to do
  5. When ending the 21-day 5:2 Boned Broth Kick-start, take some time to choose which eating habits you truly want to establish. As you break your fast, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, limit quantities, and enjoy! We also recommend maintaining 1 cup of Boned broth 3 times per week.
  6. If you struggle at the beginning or experience temporary headaches, dizziness, or nausea, break your fast with an orange and resume when symptoms disappear. Notify your health care provider if these symptoms persist.
  7. It is important to understand that, although 5:2 fasting can be an effective way to improve your health, it is only one part of living a healthy life. Fresh air, rest, exercise, sunshine, pure food and water, emotional poise, and wholesome foods eaten in appropriate quantities are equally important in building and maintaining health.

    GOOD LUCK on your Boned 21-Day Kick-Start Program!! 

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    1. Mosby’s Medical & Nursing Dictionary. St Louis, MO: CV Mosby. 1983: p 417

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