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KELOWNA, BC, Dec. 24, 2015 /CNW/ – We have all heard of juicing, spinning, and even twerking, but the newest craze is actually a take on a 2 million year old Paleo primal practice, called “Brothing”.

Boned, A Broth Company simmers BC local, ethically raised, grass fed beef bones and free run chicken bones for an extended period of time, while combining a 200-year-old Slovakian family recipe of fresh organic herbs, spices and vegetables. The result is a hot snack that is seriously amazing, filling and ridiculously healthy. Boned broth is flash frozen without ANY preservatives, chemicals or antibiotics.

North America’s newest (and oldest!) health movement has arrived in the breathtaking BC’s Okanagan Valley. Founders have taken the concept and created a best and 1st in class product that truly represents health, vitality, freshness and fun!

With chef grandma Maria’s guidance and her 200-year-old Slovakian recipe, we have taken a home cooked delicious remedy and a dream, and have turned it into a reality. Bone broth and the countless benefits it brings to anyone from an elite athlete searching for a huge boost of pure collagen protein to a senior with arthritis” said the Boned Broth family.

The trend towards broth in the past year has come to the forefront with endorsements from celebrities, physicians and elite athletes.  The movement is driven by the surprising number of benefits that include anti-inflammatory properties, increased joint repair, muscle and ligament healing, increased metabolism, digestive healing and repair, decreased food allergies and sensitivities, and even reduced wrinkles in the skin!

Dr. Christian commented: “When I first looked into the benefits of drinking bone broth, I was skeptical. I learned very quickly that not only were the claims exciting, they were supported by some really concrete research. I knew my patients could benefit tremendously, and I had to get started!”

The Boned “Brothistas” have created a functional hot snack that boasts an amazing 57 grams of collagen protein, no sugar, and a giant portion of the ever-valuable gelatin in each 500ml container. That gelatin, which is the by-product of the breakdown of collagen, is what makes the broth so powerful.

The company’s mission “Fuel your life and heal your body” is the driver behind the passion the Boned team brings to the kitchen every day, and they hope the rapid growth leads to a day when people wake up in the morning and reach for a warm cup of broth to get their day started.

The company is excited to announce our Western Canadian distribution partners Horizon Distributors, and PSC Natural Foods. Our delicious broths within the last two months have already hit the health channel by storm placed on wonderful shelves like Whole Foods Market,Choices Markets, Urban Fare and many others.

Current locations please see our store locator.

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