Comfort by the Cup

Comfort by the Cup

by Health & Wellness Retailer Magazine, pages 17-18

Soup has long been considered a comfort food. In fact, many people rely on broths, bisques, and bouillabaisses to help them get through a bout of a cold or the chilliest winter months. It warms from the inside out and is the perfect accompaniment to a salad or your favourite sandwich. Alone or as a side dish, with a good book or a slice of homemade bread, soup is a staple in many people’s lives for both comfort and wellness.

Hot liquids, in general, help to keep the body hydrated, soothe a sore throat and can relieve nasal congestion. In fact, chicken soup, in particular, is notoriously associated with cold and flu recovery because chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine, which is released when made into broth. Dr. Christian Brix of BONED Broth says, “Cysteine is an amino acid that helps improve communication in our immune cells, which aids in the body’s healing process.”

According to The Dieticians of Canada, “Many foods in our diet can be filled with sodium, and too much salt can raise your blood pressure, as sodium draws water from the body to the veins, leaving your body vulnerable to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to unclear thinking, mood changes, digestive issues, and other health issues.”

In other words, consuming soup is not only beneficial for a person’s emotional state; it’s good for the body too.

Dieticians of Canada advise, “Not only is soup perfect for staying cozy and healthy, but soup made with bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and feature collagen, which has been shown to help heal the gut lining from damage; in addition, bone broth has been known to help to make your skin glow and reduce joint pain as well as support digestive health.”

BONED Broth has recently undergone a rebranding, coming back to market as the only federally certified organic brand of bone broth in Canada. BONED Broth was born from co-owner grandma Marie’s Slovakian family recipes, brought over from the old country. She and Dr. Christian Brix along with board member, Dr. Jennifer Dyck, naturopathic doctor remain committed to not only producing the freshest, and most nutrient-packed broths, but also to share the education about the benefits of broth. And, with a new kitchen in Vancouver’s lower mainland, supply demands will not be an issue. “Our greatest challenge was getting the best quality bones. But we have found them,” he says, “and we are more prepared than ever to deliver the best possible bone broth.”

He goes on, “One of the most popular movements in the world of nutrition these days is to follow a Keto or Paleo diet. Bone broth is a superstar for anyone wanting to adhere to a Keto/Paleo program.”

Dr. Brix and Dr. Dyck lecture together, spreading the word about the health benefits and medical upside to regularly consuming bone broth.

Read the whole article in this Fall 2018 edition of Health & Wellness Retailer Magazine, pages 17-18

Your Grandma Was a Genius with Dr. Christian Brix

Your Grandma Was a Genius with Dr. Christian Brix

Bone broth: The age old, super-nourishing food you need to be consuming!

The concept of bone broth may have just appeared on your radar in the very recent past… but, chances are your Grandparents have been familiar with their whole life! When it comes to nourishing foods, our Grandparents knew what was up!

Join us as we host Chiropractic Doctor and Co-founder of Boned Broth, Dr. Christian Brix for an informative and inspiring seminar on the benefits of perhaps one of the most nutrient dense and important super foods, that humans have been consuming for centuries! Learn why YOU should be consuming this delicious, satiating, collagen-rich superfood on the regular!


About Dr. Christian Brix:


Christian Brix is the owner and practicing Chiropractor of Brix Wellness Centre, in Kelowna, B.C and is a co-owner of the fantastic pre-made bone broth company, Boned Broth.  He is passionate about helping people reach optimal wellness, both in and out of a clinic setting. Dr. Christian’s mission is to educate people on tools that can be implemented to easily and effectively achieve optimum function and health!

Sip it or soup it: Bone Broth superfood

Sip it or soup it: Bone Broth superfood

For almost 2 million years, humans have been surviving and thriving by making the most of our environment. It has always been nature providing the best fuel on the planet to feed us and help us evolve, and for some reason so many have forgotten that. We live in a society that values food that is easy, fast and able to sit on a shelf for years. We have created a world of food that is full of preservatives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners, processed ingredients, and often food that is a product of genetic modifications.

One of the stars in the all-natural, paleo super food movement is Bone Broth.  Bone broths, made from a variety of animal sources (beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.) were, for our ancestors, a way of allowing them to use and benefit from all parts of the animals that provided them with sustenance. By boiling the parts of the animals that they couldn’t traditionally eat, they were able to extract an amazing amount of nutrition.  Broths are packed with collagen protein, amino acids, and minerals that are easily absorbed in our bodies.  Many broths contain nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorus, and are able to help address some of North America’s top nutritional deficiencies.  Bone broth even contains Glucosamine, and Chondroitin Sulphate …something most of us have paid good money for at the supplement store!

Why do we care about Collagen?

  • Comprises 30% of all the protein in your body, and 70% of the protein in your skin
  • It is the “scaffolding” for cells, tissues and organs, and is responsible for the strength, flexibility, and elasticity of all tissues
  • As we age, collagen production decreases significantly leading to weaker and less elastic skin, blood vessels, ligaments, muscles and tendons. This leads to tearing injuries, wrinkles, hardened blood vessels, and digestive issues
  • When extracted naturally through simmering bones, the collagen (in the form of gelatin) is more pure, more potent, and more easily absorbed in our bodies.

Even though everyone’s grandma knows it’s a miracle elixir, researchers had a look at the components of bone broth and discovered that when collagen is broken down (into “gelatin”) by simmering in water for an extended period of time, the factors that are released can benefit our bodies in countless ways.  That gelatin and all the other nutrients cannot be found in the shelf stable “flavour” broths currently available in grocery stores.

Potential Benefits

  • Works in an anti-inflammatory capacity
  • Faster recovery from injury and sport
  • Decreases in food allergies and sensitivities (such as gluten and lactose)
  • Reduces symptoms of digestive disorders (such as leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s, reflux)
  • Promotes proper probiotic balance in the digestive system
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Promotes proper bone density and strength
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

So what’s the Catch?

For those who have tried to make their own broth, the answer to that question is obvious!  Making broth is extremely labor-intensive, time-consuming, and it can sure stink up the house pretty quickly!  Luckily the skilled “brothistas” at Boned, A Broth Company have taken all the hassle out of it.  Their broths are made with the highest quality grass-fed beef bones, free-range chicken bones, and both are free of antibiotics, hormones, GMO’s, and gluten.  Boasting the highest protein levels (57 grams in the 500ml beef broth!) in the entire functional beverage category, and using only the highest quality ingredients, Boned is blazing a trail across Canada with their delicious and craveable broths.  Made fresh in small batches, and flash frozen to maintain optimal freshness, you can warm it up and drink it out of your favorite mug, or you can make it part of an amazing recipe.  Sip it or soup it!


In Depth with Christian Brix of Brix Family Chiropractic & Wellness and Boned Broth

In Depth with Christian Brix of Brix Family Chiropractic & Wellness and Boned Broth

Dr. Christian Brix is a Chiropractor as well as Co-Owner of Boned Broth. Christian is passionate about helping people in his clinic as well as living a healthy lifestyle.  He loves to watch people’s’ lives change in their practice every day and he gets his motivation from his friends and family who also motivate and inspire people all day.

Christian has a mission to build a community of health conscious, active and happy people who are living their lives, and functioning as optimally as possible. This mission is conveniently exactly the same for both businesses,  that congruence makes working so hard that much easier.

“Life can throw anything at us, and it’s those people we will need or miss when it happens.” – Dr. Christian Brix

Read more of his interview here: KelownaNow