Thank you for your patience!!

We are SO close to being back on shelves after several months on back order. We are putting the finishing touches on our brand new production facility, and we expect to FINALLY be back on shelves in the next month or so. We are going to be in several stores in your area for sure. I recommend checking the store locator near the middle of November, and you should be able to find all the stores near you.

We are so grateful for your patience, and I am pretty sure you will find it was worth the wait!!


November 5, 2018:

Our brand new pouches have left the manufacturer and are on an airplane right now!

November 8, 2018:

The new pouches have touched down in Canada and should be delivered to the new kitchen in the next day or two!

November 14, 2018:

It’s official…all the new pouches are in the kitchen! Now we wait for final go ahead from our “friends” at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency!

November 23, 2018:

Final CFIA approvals are expected in the next 14 days, and then…. we’re back in the kitchen!

December 2, 2018
Update from the doc

December 22, 2018

BIG NEWS!! Our very first shipment of the brand new organic broth from our brand new kitchen ships January 21!

January 5, 2018:

Get excited because Boned broth is back!!!

We will be back in stores at the end of January.

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